About Komar

Komar Alliance LLC

Komar Alliance LLC had its beginnings as a regional distributor of sewing threads. Originally founded about 1932, Komar through organic growth, mergers, and acquisitions has become the largest independent distributor of sewing thread in the U.S.A. Over the decades, Komar has become a market leader as a supplier to the Sewn Products Industry and Industrial Packaging Industry. We are proud to be a four generation family owned business.

Komar is as diversified as the customers it serves. We are:

  • The largest independent distributor of sewing thread in the United States, representing Coats, the most respected thread manufacturer in the world.
  • A leading converter of Garment and Industrial Paper products.
  • A national distributor of aerosols, adhesives and lubricants used in the sewn products industry.
  • A diversified national distributor of design, production, finishing, and packaging supplies.

With a team of professionals committed to meeting the needs of our customers, Komar provides superior solutions that work. Our advanced technology provides the quality of service our customers have come to expect.