Komar stocks the National Guards Line of silicone sprays, foam and fabric adhesives, spot lifters, web and mist adhesives. All are VOC compliant and readily available at the most competitive prices. Completeing the product line is a full array of internationally known “Sprayway” products. From spot lifters to degreasers to No Fray spray ,You name it, it’s in the can!

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NG100 Machine Oil

National Guards® NG100 Sewing Machine Oil is designed for all types of sewing machines. It is a non-staining oil with a very low viscosity which provides the right lubrication for your sewing machine.

NG223 Silicone Lubricant

dry lubricant reduces friction on all moving parts of machinery and loopers. Dry lubricant also reduces incident of lint adhesion.

NG250 Silicone Thread Lubricant

Reduces chatter and heat build up in sewing operations by eliminating friction and static electricity. It prevents yarn fraying and reduces thread breakage.

Sprayway 990 Vinyl Protectant

•Perfect for automotive and furniture and upholstery professionals. •Cleans, protects, and restores vinyl tops and white walls to "like new" appearance. •Leaves a finished touch of elegance - contains mink oil. •Easily removes stains, smudges, fingerpr