Komar offers screen printers many high quality products to meet your needs. These include, mesh, emulsion, stencil remover and many others. Call us today and let us find a customized solution for you.

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Diazo photo emulsion produces sharp, high quality images. Used for direct application to the screen, it is light-reactive, water-soluble and spreads easily. This emulsion conforms to water safety standards (Calif. Proposition 65).

NG816 Cleaning Fluid

a blend of traditional chlorinated solvents with narrow cut hydrocarbons. The chlorinated solvents provide high cleaning power, while the hydrocarbons increase the T.V.L. of the blend and eliminates the risk of dye removal. The economical formula is fast

Stencil Removing Solution

Designed to easily and quickly remove all emulsions and capillary films from screens.