Every mattress plant employs bulk adhesives to join layers of foam, fiber and fabric together. For water based, gravity fed systems or solvent based glues, Komar has a solution. Easy to use and economical, these products are available in a range of sizes.

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NG633 Foam & Fabric Adhesive

a web adhesive that bonds porous surfaces such as flexible polyurethane foam, fiber, and fabric to other porous surfaces or to non porous surfaces such as wood, metal, or plastic. It offers quick tack and high coverage while providing a strong bond. It ha

NG649 Bulk Foam & Fabric Adhesive

Acetone based spray adhesive is VOC Free and is therefore permitted for use within Southern California. Immediately tacky, repositionable, and dries to a strong permanent bond.

SABA 3801 Water Based Adhesive – Two Component

A two-component water-based sprayable adhesive designed to offer rapid, permanent bond on a variety of substrates, including non-wovens, plastics, metals and other non-porous substrates.

SABA 3802 Water Based Adhesive

A one-component water-based sprayable adhesive ideal for bonding foam substrates for mattress and furniture manufacturers.

Sprayway 55 Foam & Fabric Adhesive

Effectively bonds fabric to foam, metal, or wood surfaces, and to itself. Bonds urethane and latex-foams. Offers quick tack and high coverage, while providing a strong bond. Not recommended for bonding vinyl. It does not darken, nor does it leave a re

Wood Assembly Glue

Our SG-167 has been specifically formulated for use in edge gluing on a clamp carrier where it gives excellent results when properly used. Its ease of use makes it a good choice for experienced or inexperienced workers. When properly used it makes joints